Become A Metal Roofing Installer

Are you looking for a career, or ready to expand your skills as a professional metal roof installer? Isaiah Industries, the leading manufacturer of specialty residential metal roofing in North America is training and helping to build professional metal roofing installers.

Training is provided year-round in our Piqua, Ohio training facility, and throughout the continental United States at specific job sites. The opportunities are there, but are they right for you?

What we offer:

  • Personal, hands-on instruction in our national training facility, or on a local job site that also introduces you to our installation and quality experts.
  • Certificate after training, that identifies the student as a Trained Isaiah Industries’ Metal Roofing Installer.
  • Accelerated placement opportunities as you market your skills to local employers.
  • A long career. The low weight of metal roofing is easier on your back and legs than traditional roofing and lengthens your career.
  • A year-round career. Metal roofing can be installed year-round.
  • Community choices. Chances are that no matter where you live, there are opportunities for professional metal roofing installers.

What we expect from you:

  • Participation in an interview process.
  • A desire to expand your interest in the construction trades.
  • Preparation for the training.
  • Take responsibility for travel, lodging, and meals, if needed for training.
  • Attend and complete our offered training course, to earn certification.
  • A level of comfort being on rooftops.
  • A desire to expand your interest in the construction trades.

Top Reasons to Become a Trained Installer of High-end Residential Metal Roofing

-by Isaiah Industries

  • Sought-after skill.
  • Find employers across the USA.
  • Increase your income through specialty knowledge.
  • Stand back and look at your completed projects with great pride.
  • Develop and supervise your own crew or crews.
  • Most roofs will be installed over existing shingles, making your job site time less laborious, more productive, and more profitable.
  • The integrity of metal roofing protects against product related callbacks after the job is completed.
  • You can do fewer installs and make more money while having less liability.
  • You get to work outside.
  • Your work matters.