Isaiah Industries offers 3 types of training opportunities for becoming a professional metal roofing installer. More than simply swinging a hammer, these sessions can help you build your career, or build a preferred metal roofing installation crew.

At Our Factory

What: This session is conducted on our training decks at our facility in Piqua, Ohio. Normal sessions focus on just one of our product lines and will last one full day. Virtually all roof configurations will be covered, and you will enjoy hands-on experience in a safe environment with the constant attention of one of our experienced Building Products Technicians. If possible, trainees should bring their own tools including hammer, utility knife, tin snips, aviation snips, tape measure and a tool belt.

Time: Classes begin at 8:30AM and ends by 4:45 EST on the scheduled day. Trainees have the option of an extra half-day of that includes a plant tour and open-ended instruction.

Cost: There is no charge for the on-site classes. Trainees are responsible for providing their travel, lodging, and meal costs (Lunch will be provided during the full day of training). Trainees are advised to make hotel reservations in advance as hotels can book fully in our area. We will provide you with a list of area hotels and access to discounted rates, with registration.


Those being trained must, in advance, read through and study the installation manual and any installation updates which have been provided for the product being installed.


Onsite Opportunities for Individuals

What: Our professionals frequently provide on-the-job instruction for the installation of our metal roofing products. There may be an opportunity in your area, or reasonably close to home. This instruction may be with a trainer or an experienced crew.  Like everything else, it will be up to you to qualify for inclusion in and participate fully in this training.

Time: These sessions may last for 2 days or more depending on the project and discretion of the project manager.

Those who participate must, in advance, read through and study the installation manuals and any installation updates that will be provided for the product being installed.

Though we cannot guarantee your placement within a regional or local team, we will do all that we can to help qualified applicants connect with an opportunity.


Job Site Education for Developing Established Crews

One of our Building Products Technicians can travel to your continental U.S. job site to provide instruction for you and/or your installation crew.

The normal length of on-the-job training for working installation crews is 2 full days on site, with our Technician arriving the day before the project begins. Additional days can be scheduled in advance by the project manager if needed.

Cost: On-the-job training is available for $1000 per day, for a minimum of 3 days. This charge applies to instruction days, as well as 1 to 2 travel days, and any days that are lost due to inclement weather. In the event of inclement weather, training can be done on the ground. With the exception of any extraordinary costs which might be necessitated by a change in your schedule, we will cover all costs of our technician’s lodging, meals, and transportation to a continental U.S. location.